TOTO bidet line


TOTO bidet line

Known as TOTO (pronounced tot-to), is the leading manufacturer of bathroom accessories. It was established in 1917 and is popular for producing the Washlet and other derivative products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. The TOTO Company holds more than 50 percent share of the Japanese toilet fixture market.

One of the most common features of TOTO products is their “To Toilet Paper Warmer”, which uses less water to produce a hot, thick, fluffy white toilet paper. When heated, the Toilet Paper Warmer produces a fluffy feeling similar to that of super-warm, soft cotton. Since the warmer has nozzles that allow you to spray or wipe away crumpled toilet paper, it also eliminates paper waste. It is ideal for those who do not use paper towels but still require cleaning bathroom floors and bathroom accessories.

Another popular feature of TOTO products is their “High-Tech Seat”. The High-Tech Seat uses a unique elongated seat and backrest system to create a higher toilet seat, while providing enough space to sit comfortably. The seat and backrest are contouring to mimic a real toilet, which eliminates uncomfortable pressure points and an unsightly “bumpy” look. Many people who have tried the “High-Tech Seat” have stated that it does feel good to sit on, while adding comfort to any standard sized toilet.

One of the most popular toilet accessories offered by TOTO is their Self-Cleaning Toilet. The Self-Cleaning Toilet is a simple accessory, yet provides convenience and ease-of-use for anyone. The self-cleaning toilet features a built-in sensor that detects liquid spills, allowing the unit to self-clean with no additional effort on the part of the owner or user. Self-cleaning toilets typically require the user to add water to the unit to activate the self-cleaning process.

TOTO also offers a variety of bidets that range in price. Their bidet line includes two different styles of bidets: the “Bidet Master”, which have a bigger, hand-held unit; and the “Bidet Speak”. The Bidet Master is designed to be used alone, while the Bidet Speak is designed to be used with the accompanying “Bidet Dispenser”. Both styles of bidets, however, are not waterproof. Neither is TOTO’s shower bidet, which does not contain water, but instead contains a small electric pump that moves water through a water-tight showerhead. This shower bidet works with any shower size, including walk-in showers.

TOTO’s other toilet and hygiene products include their “Shower-Filtration” system, which has an electronic air cleaner and hand held pressure wand. The “Shower-Filtration” system is included with all TOTO bidet models. Another useful feature is the handy “Toilet Seat”, which allows users to easily measure their individual water pressures. TOTO also offers other hygiene products such as their “Preventive Care Kit”. The kit includes a travel cap, hand held air brush and a sample of various brands of soaps and shampoos. This kit is useful for individuals who are at risk of developing illnesses from contact with germs and bacteria.