Best Chorus Pedals for Rhodes: Top Brands

There are many chorus pedals to choose from, and finding the best one can take hours. What’s more, if you find a good chorus pedal it’s almost certain you’ll have to spend days searching online for a retailer. Finding the best chorus pedals for Rhodes out there can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to the whole guitar scene. With so many different options, finding the right one can be difficult and stressful.

Not to mention the cost. Chorus pedals are not cheap! With your picks from Fender, Boss, MXR, or other top brands, we wanted to round out our top 5 with something from EarthQuaker Devices. The EP-2 packs some unique features including an extra footswitch for tap tempo or external expression pedal compatibility.

If you want the best chorus pedal for Rhodes without having to spend days trawling the web to find it, we’re here for you. We admit we might not have the biggest selection but what we do have is meticulously selected by our professional team for sound quality and value for money. We help you find the best chorus pedals for your Rhodes without all the hassle of shopping around. By testing each product and reporting our findings, you can decide which chorus pedal gives you the best value for money based on what’s important to you.

 AZOR Chorus: Best Guitar Effect Pedal Pure Analog

If you buy this pedal from us, we will send it faster and more securely. We do warranty for any quality problems. AZOR is a company committed to manufacturing musical instrument accessories of the highest quality, and we believe it is something that all musicians can relate to. Our mission is to provide musicians around the world with a trustworthy brand name.

AZOR is a professional chorus pedal with high performance, true bypass, analog circuitry. Chorus effect can make voices sound softer, more spacious, and ‘sweeter’. Paired with your favorite guitar amplifier, the AP-309 will bring you inspiring tones. The classic design makes it perfect for storing in your guitar case. No matter if on stage or in the studio, the AP-309 will be your best friend.

Some musicians prefer to start with the chorus pedal as their first one. That is why they are looking for the best chorus pedals for Rhodes under 100. It’s not a big problem to find something like that. They will just visit our site and can find the best chorus pedals for Rhodes under 100 or even the best chorus pedals for Rhodes under 50.

Many manufacturers offer chorus pedals for Rhodes under 50. Really, it’s not a big deal to get a good quality pedal for an affordable price. The best chorus pedals for Rhodes sound very analog and its reputation is great in the market. And we can find this chorus pedal with all of chorus, vibrato, and tremolo into one pedal so that you can save much space in your guitar pedal Effect board.

Rowin Analog: Top Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal for Rhodes

One of the most played keyboards in history, no Rhodes player should be without a chorus pedal. With a deep sound suited to Rock, Blues, and Jazz, the chorus pedal can liven up any performance. A tried and tested effect pedal, our favorite is the Rowin Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal which comes with an array of different controls.

This Rowin Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal Features true bypass and heavy-duty, gold-plated relays made of high-quality durable copper material to reduce oxidation and current loss. This pedal is built with a switch-able low-frequency oscillation that adds extra depth, dimension, and overall beautiful sound to your tone.

With its true bypass switching, it’s the only chorus you need for all of your playing needs. The chorus effect was born out of a desire to enhance the spatial aspect of playing guitar. Without it, one can only imagine how many more amazing guitarists would have never developed their career as they did.

The Analog Chorus produces an awesome lush chorus sound, which is most noticeable on strummed or picked notes. It has fast and slow speeds with smooth and accurate sweep, and even increases the depth of tone much like a stereo effect does. This is a moment of life that happened to me. It is my surprise, my ecstasy.

The excellent and durable chorus pedals give you a real tone and the best chorus effects which can satisfy you so much. If you are a musician or music lover, don’t miss this analog chorus pedal! Our reviews take into consideration the quality of materials, sound, and ease of use, among other factors, and each product listing includes extensive information about why each pick earned its place here.

This pedal is designed to fit on the bottom or top of your instrument for added versatility so you can make any instrument sound great. Use this chorus guitar for smooth and musical transitions between notes for a warmer and more natural sound.

Donner Tutti Love: Excellent Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal Pure Analog True Bypass

Donner Tutti Love Chorus is the newest chorus pedal from Donner. This chorus pedal is ready to use right out of the box, with an intuitive and easy operation. The rich analog tone of this pedal is packed into a small chassis for easy transportation. It features a True bypass design that maintains your guitar’s original tone even when the Donner Tutti Love Chorus is switched off.

You can also use it as a clean boost by selecting a low gain setting. This chorus pedal is derived directly from the classic analog chorus sound of the late 1970s and ’80s. Analog chorus pedals create smooth, warm textures by adding subtly to intense tones that depart from the original signal. A Chorus guitar effect pedal can spread your sound over a wider spectrum for some unique textures and breadth.

There’s a reason that many engineers, including professionals such as Steve Vai, Trey Anastasio, Craig Federici, and Chris Chaney use Donner Tutti Love Chorus on their recordings or live performances. This is a fully analog chorus pedal featuring pure analog circuitry. A great chorus sound.

A chorus effect is a copy of one or several notes played by a guitar, typically routed through a simple delay line and mixed back with the original note(s), creating an “oboe-like” effect where multiple notes are played at once. This can also be referred to as a “stereo echo.” This is a true bypass effect pedal to change the tone and make your guitar have that special flavor.

This is a musical tool to make your guitar solo really stand out in the mix. Donner Tutti Love Chorus is an analog chorus guitar effect pedal with a pure analog true bypass circuit. This pedal has lush, soft vibrato and rich, shimmering chorus tones.

JHS Pedals 3 Series: Superb Chorus Pedal for Rhodes (3SCHORUS)

The JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus is the first chorus pedal designed specifically for musicians using a Rhodes® Suitcase Electric Piano. This pedal incorporates the same traditional analog chorus circuit as used on vintage Binson Echorec Tape Delay units, but with a few important additions. When it comes to chorus effect pedals, the 3SCHORUS stands apart from the rest.

JHS Pedals’ award-winning chorus pedal is built on a hand-selected, LM308-based audio operational transconductance amplifier—a unique rarity in effects today. It offers up three independent channels each with adjustable Depth and speed controls. Additionally, the software is editable via USB with free editor/librarian software so you can recall settings, and save custom presets.

JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus – The 3 Series Chorus creates a beautiful vintage-style chorus effect that leaves you with an awesome tone and the ability to tweak to perfection. With 3 different delay modes that can be mixed or switched for even more sonic possibilities, wide range sweepable control and dual outputs, this chorus pedal is a must-have for any player’s arsenal.

This is the perfect chorus pedal for any keyboard player that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. The 3S features three distinct chorus modes including a classic analog mode, warm and smooth digital mode, and a new pitch-shifted mode. With two knobs, you get easy control over amount and speed. The 3S has one input and one output making it easy to add the right amount of chorusing to any instrument signal.

The 3SCHORUS pedal’s lush, rhythmic chorus is available in a choice of speeds ranging from the slow, subtle “Vintage” setting to the wide-sweeping “Ultra” setting. And when you want even more tone-shaping control, plug your amp into the EXPRESSION jack on the pedal and use the onboard sweep control for customized modulation.

Donner Multi-Effect Pedal: Chain Alpha Acoustic 3 Guitar Effect Modes Acoustic Preamp

Donner Multi-Effect Pedal Chain Alpha Acoustic 3 Guitar Effect Modes Acoustic Preamp, Chorus Pedal, and Hall Reverb, The Alpha Acoustic 3 is a complete 3 in 1 package for your guitar and musical desire. With independent effects and pre-amplifiers with different types of reverb, this combo provides you with warm, clear sounds.

You can use each effect independently or at the same time. And its massive compatibility allows you to connect up to 4 pedals and an expression pedal. This is a powerful first-of-its-kind multi-effect chorus pedal for acoustic instruments that easily connects to your guitar, ukulele, banjo, or mandolin using a standard mono guitar cable.

Built-in direct response to the needs of professional musicians performing on acoustic instruments, this pedal features a wide range of effects from chorus, reverb, and echo to an octave up, plus an all-new advanced acoustic preamp with dedicated volume control that recreates the distinctive tone of high-end boutique preamps.

The Alpha Acoustic 3 was designed to offer multi-effect processing as well as tone and volume control for the acoustic guitar market. In this practical application, players have the luxury of using their natural guitar volume and tone controls to access a number of different effects that can be applied to the dry signal, resulting in an impressive array of EQ and tonal combinations.

This is the ideal effect unit for anyone who wants to take their guitar playing to the next level. It’s an ideal way to add that bit of polish to your sound without getting in the way of your creativity. Additionally, there are resplendent tone modes that will enrich and enhance your music. The top of the pedal is a high-quality yet compact pre-amp killer for your acoustic guitar.

Behringer UC200: Ultimate Stereo Chorus Instrument Effects Pedal

Behringer UC200 Ultimate Stereo Chorus Instrument Effects Chorus Pedal, 10 % off Before January 30th, 2021. This incredible Behringer pedal combines digital and analog technology to create, by far, the most sophisticated chorus sound available today. Stereo output with separate volume controls for chorus and effect levels offers unlimited sound possibilities for musicians.

The UC200 has a revolutionary and unique clear sound that will allow your Ozark, Rhodes, or guitar to sound as if it was recorded in a professional studio. The multi-effects pedal is a must-have for every musician who wants to get a pristine stereo effect and add some shine to their beloved instrument.

There are 5 separate chorus types, and there’s also an additional mix function that allows you to easily control the stereo spread of your music. The technology used here allows you to enjoy the effects in a very dynamic environment, and even at extreme levels where limits for most other chorus pedals can be found.

This delivers everything you expect from a powerful stereo chorus: lush digital stereo effects, solid-metal construction, and the capability to enhance the sound of any instrument with warmth, thickness, and texture. The Behringer Ultragain Stereo Chorus Pedal represents state-of-the-art digital audio technology in a compact pedal.

Thanks to its dual-mode, it can be used not only as a stereo chorus Pedal but also as a stereo flanger and high-quality 32-bit multi-engine FX processor. The Behringer Ultragain features 3 knobs (speed, depth, and rate) with a push-button switch plus an LED indicator for each mode/function.

Tom’sline Engineering Analogue: Fantasic Chorus Pedal – Rich Sound Vast Range of Depth

The Tom’sline Engineering Deep Chorus Pedal delivers a rich, warm, and beautiful chorus sound. This amazing pedal provides a vast range of depth and speed from its deep chorus sounds, including a shimmer effect. It’s like having a lush-sounding chorus, flanger, vibrato, and tremolo built into one unit! The ACH3S is an economy version of the classic BBD-style analog chorus.

These carefully crafted pedals can create an almost endless variety of wonderful sounds. The Tom’sline Engineering analog chorus pedal has a rich sound, a vast range of depth and speed. It comes with a mini-pedal with easy operation and a built-in LED light. This Pedal delivers incredible depth and speed plus so much more.

The multi-stage chorus effect will add that extra layer of richness you have been searching for in your sound. It is a true bypass pedal giving ultimate signal integrity when the unit is switched off. In addition, this Analog Chorus also has an MP3 input and output to connect to your computer and record directly from the pedal or use as a compact, powerful performance audio interface.

For the singer/songwriter or solo artist, this is the perfect size unit with tons of features for a great price!’ Analog chorus pedals are still one of the most popular effects used by musicians, and we have a great selection to choose from that will bring lush and warm tones to your pedalboard.

Powered by a 9Volt battery or external power supply, the Tom’sline Engineering Analogue Chorus Pedal – Rich Sound Vast Range Of Depth And Speed by Michael Angelo Batio Signature Guitar Effect Pedal Mini Pedal offers stunning reverb and delay effects with no complicated setup.

Koogo Chorus Pedal: Outstanding Analog Chorus Pedal For Electric Guitar

The best chorus pedals for Rhodes is a product devoted to the promotion of music, and our chorus pedals for Rhodes are created with the best materials. The chorus pedals for Rhodes have the characteristics of easy use and high stability. The chorus pedals for Rhodes is absolutely a wonderful choice for you tonight!

Our best chorus pedals for Rhodes are designed to retain the sound and vibe of your guitar and make it easy to create professional-sounding effects at home or in studio. With true bypass switching and top-quality components, the chorus pedals for Rhodes is a must-have pedal for fans of the electric guitar! It’s a dual analog chorus with controls to select between three different modes: chorus, vibrato, and octave.

Both knobs are very useful for adjusting the individual settings of these modes or you can leave the knobs on 10 and just enjoy the modes in their own setting. The amp simulator can be used to simulate room ambiance and vibrations for a realistic sound. Moreover, this chorus pedal features an external Control knob that allows you to adjust the rate and depth of the chorus sound’s parameters.

This chorus pedal is extremely lightweight and small in size; it fits perfectly into your pedalboard. It has a true bypass feature that does not degrade your guitar signal in any way. This high-quality chorus comes at a very good price! The sound of the pedals is warm with strong and well-defined bass. The sound is much better than Behringer.

I highly recommend it for those looking to get a chorus pedal for your electric guitar or bass, or if you are looking to have a chorus effect for your Rhodes piano, this chorus pedal will work great!

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal: Amazing Alpha Cruncher 3 Type Effects Delay Chorus

The Donner Multi Guitar Effect Chorus Pedal is an affordable yet high-quality stompbox. The controls are easy to use and the built-in effects sound great. There are two switchable channels that allow you to choose from 3 different effects. One channel has a multi-delay, while the other is loaded with a Chorus/Flanger as well as a Distortion.

The Alpha Cruncher from Donner is a multi-effect pedal that provides guitarists with unique, powerful, and all original-sounding effects. This unit contains high-quality analog components for signal routing and pristine digital circuits for sound shaping. It uses two true bypass channels to guarantee excellent signal integrity in bypass mode.

From a sweet and natural chorus sound to an extreme “jet engine” sweeps and shudder, this sounds great on a range of different instruments. The controls are: Depth is for the amount of effect, Rate controls the rate of the sweep, Coarse sets the width of the sweeps and fine-tunes it, 2 switch positions: Harmony (outputs one guitar as harmony) and Modulation (modulates rate with another guitar signal),

which allows for an octave up and down effect. Donner 2-in-1 guitar chorus pedal combines chorus, delay, and distortion in a single effect unit to deliver an unprecedented array of tone-shaping options. Channel Selector switches between the effects A/B or combines both effects simultaneously for a unique tone character.

The Volume pedals auto-sweep button allows for smooth volume transitions when playing live. This handy feature is great for creating fade-ins and fade-outs. The CH-1 is a versatile chorus pedal for guitar with three different modes, two unique types of chorus, and delay with tap tempo. It boasts two well-designed knobs that allow you to fine-tune your tone in every way imaginable.

If that wasn’t enough, it also has built-in power so there’s no need for batteries or power adapters. You’ll love the way this package sounds on your guitar.

Ammoon Nano Series: Superb Guitar Effect Pedal Analog Chorus True Bypass

The AMMUNN Nano Series Pedal Analog Chorus True Bypass Chorus Effect Pedal, which is our new guitar pedal. It’s different from the common chorus effect pedals made by IC chip. They sound more real than others when you play chords, cause of their triangle waveform, but they have not so much different from other types of chorus pedals.

You can play cleanly without signal destroy or make noise when you play distorted guitar music with it. Chorus is a subtle, gentle way to thicken up your sound. With the Ammoon Nano series guitar effect pedal on board, you can control the speed of the effect and set it from a light shimmer to a full-on whirl.

With fully analog circuitry and true bypass, this unit will give you a simple yet versatile chorus add-on that’s great for everything from lead lines to background melodies while keeping your signal clean and your tone unaltered.

Ammoon Nano series chorus effect pedal is a chorus with effect, not an amp simulation sound. It’s an analog chorus pedal that makes your guitar crazy sounds like 20 guitars playing at once. With this chorus pedal, you can get smooth and deep chorus sounds or you can get very spacey sounds.

Analog guitar pedals are the best for true vintage warm tones. It gives your guitar sound a new dimension to enhance your playing. Stomping on a Nano Series pedal will bring you a new experience of guitar tone and performance. It’s a small size pocket-sized pedal. It can be connected with any stage or studio equipment. The main feature is its analog chorus sound quality, high transparency, and audiophile quality.


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